Green Park Solar Nigeria Limited is a multi-purpose solar power company and we are involved in some solar projects in Nigeria. And we have the following project pipeline in our portfolio

1. Green Industrial estates in Edo state to be powered by solar energy.
2. Utility scale solar farm
3. C&I opportunities
4. Solar home solutions 5. Mini-grid

It is on record that about 69% of Nigeria’s population is without electricity and are not connected to the national grid. The ones that are connected to the grid are daily assaulted with black outs, power cuts and power outages on a continuous basis.

It is a well known fact as well that Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa needs about 140,000 MW of power to run smoothly and effectively but the reality on ground at the moment is that Nigeria can barely boast of 5000 MW of electric power as of today, this gap between demand and supply has created a huge opportunity for investors to take advantage of and make good return on investment. To this end Green Power Canada Ventures is stepping in to take advantage of this opportunity and we call on investors both private and institutional investors to partner with us as we join in the efforts to make Nigeria self sustaining as regards electric power supply and utilisation.

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