Green Park Solar

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task, which is,eliminating energy waste. Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports, and lowering our costs on a household and economy-wide level.Energy efficiency adoption is very key to our fight against climate emergency and also helps households and businesses to save cost and add to their bottom line.

At Green Park Solar Nigeria Limited we are very big on energy efficiency because we believe that adoption of energy efficiency practices in the homes and businesses will lead to a lot of cost savings.

We have also keyed into several Greener Home programs which seeks to encourage home and business owners to go green and be energy efficient. As part of our participation in the program, we currently have 6 interns in training. The interns are training to become energy advisors. Energy advisors are technical professionals that help home and business owners with energy audits and make recommendations on how they can become energy efficient.

As an energy efficiency company, we are ready to support our clients and customers to attain energy efficient levels that will show up massively as a plus to their financial bottom-line and help reduce their carbon foot prints significantly.

Energy efficiency division of our business is a major contributor to our growth outlook and growth potentials and we hope to enrol more than 1000 homes and businesses in our energy audit and efficiency program within the next 3 years. This is part of our contribution to the fight against climate change.

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